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Chemistry (KEMI)
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Differential Scanning Fluorimetry (DSF) measures protein unfolding by monitory changes in fluorescence as a function of temperature.

Conventional DSF uses a hydrophobic fluorescent dye that binds to proteins as they unfold.

NanoDSF measures changes in intrinsic protein fluorescence as proteins unfold.


Prometheus characterizes thermal stability of protein samples...

…absolutely label-free, measures the intrinsic fluorescence of a protein while it’s being subjected to thermal denaturation.

Only microliters of sample are required, at extremely low concentrations.

Good at screening buffer influences or testing formulation and storage conditions.


48 capillaries, approx. 10µl total;

(sensitivity 0.005–250 mg/ml depending on Trp/Tyr content)


Ramping options: 0.1C/min to 7C/min  (75mins run time for  7C/min ramp)

Temperature range: 15–110C

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Prometheus NT.48 ‘nanoDSF’
NanoTemper Technologies GmbH


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