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Äkta Pure is a flexible and intuitive fast protein liquid chromatography system (FPLC) for purification and analysis of a broad range of macromolecules from picogram to microgram levels. 

The system is equipped with:

  • Two high precision pumps (A and B) for selection between seven A inlets and one B inlet (for delivery of buffer or samples) (One inlet has an integrated air sensor connected to a Mixer Valve kit for sample load with maintained integrity).
  • System pressure monitor
  • Column valve – switch automatically between five columns. 
  • UV monitor for measures three wavelengths simultaneously in the range 190-700 nm.
  • Conductivity monitor (Wide-range 0.01-999.99 mS/cm)
  • A refrigerated fraction collector for spillage-free collection of up to 576 fractions in deep-well plates, tubes, and bottles. 

The fee for internal users is 120 SEK/hour and 360 SEK/hour for external users.

Please feel free to contact the tool responsible and discuss questions concerning the instrument, techniques, or your experiments!

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GE Health Care
ÄKTA Pure 25


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