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Äkta Explorer is a liquid chromatography system for purification and analysis of a broad range of macromolecules from picogram to microgram levels. The system is equipped with:

  • Two high precision pumps (A and B) for delivery of buffer or samples 
  • Sample pump for automated sample loading of multiple samples
  • System pressure monitor
  • Column valve for media screening for up to 8 columns.
  • UV monitor for triple wavelengths detection in the range 190-700 nm.
  • Conductivity meter
  • Multiple buffer preparation valves
  • Fraction collector for collection in various types of tubes and plates.


The fee for internal user is 105 SEK/hour and 315 SEK/hour for external users.

Please feel free to contact the tool responsible and discuss questions concerning the instrument, techniques or your experiments!

The opportunity to equip the system with pH monitor for in-line pH monitoring is possible at need.

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GE Health Care
ÄKTA Explorer


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